[2023] [美国] [真人] [追更] [BT下载][幽灵猎人 Ghost Hunters 第十六季][更新至08集][英语无字][MKV][720P/1080P][片源]


◎片  名 幽灵猎人 Ghost Hunters

◎年  代 2022

◎产  地 美国

◎类  别 真人秀

◎语  言 英语

◎主  演 Jason Hawes , Steve Gonsalves , Dave Tango , Grant Wilson , Amy Bruni , Britt Griffith , Kris Williams , Adam Berry , K.J. McCormick , Mike Rowe , Dustin Pari , Brian Harnois , Donna LaCroix , Shari DeBenedetti , Samantha Hawes , Kristen Luman , Kristyn Gartland , Daryl Marston

◎简  介

Fifteen years after introducing the world to the field of authentic paranormal investigation, "Ghost Hunters" returns to television. The series that terrified and captivated fans for 11 seasons will follow one of the original team leaders, Grant Wilson, and his handpicked group of professional ghost hunters as they use their decades of field experience to investigate hauntings across the country. Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the new squad will help everyday people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena. The team is committed to discovering the truth to give relief to those plagued by paranormal activity and will follow the evidence they uncover wherever it may lead.

在向世界介绍真实的超自然现象调查领域十五年后,“幽灵猎人”重返电视。这部连续 11 季让粉丝们感到恐惧和着迷的系列将跟随最初的团队领导人之一格兰特威尔逊和他精心挑选的专业幽灵猎人团队,他们利用他们数十年的实地经验调查全国各地的闹鬼事件。聘请法医专家、历史记录和可用的最具创新性的技术,新小队将帮助那些与无法解释的超自然现象作斗争的普通人。该团队致力于发现真相,以缓解那些受到超自然活动困扰的人,并将追踪他们发现的证据,无论它可能导致什么。

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