[2022] [美国] [真人] [打包] [BT下载][恶魔鲈的幽灵 Ghosts of Devils Perch 第一季][全08集][英语无字][MKV][720P/1080P][WEB-RAW]


◎片  名 恶魔鲈的幽灵 Ghosts of Devils Perch

◎年  代 2022

◎产  地 美国

◎类  别 真人秀

◎语  言 英语

◎上映日期 2022-08-21

◎主  演 Nick Groff , Cindy Kaza , Dave Schrader , Elizabeth Saint , K.D. Stafford , Bill Hartley

◎简  介

A mystery is buried beneath the streets of Butte, Montana. With the town intent on rebuilding its image and conducting renovation projects, residents and businesses are reporting terrifying ghostly encounters. Mayor J.P. Gallagher and Sheriff Ed Lester have called in an elite team of paranormal investigators to help. When investigator Dave Schrader, tech expert K.D. Stafford and psychic medium Cindy Kaza arrive in Butte, they find paranormal activity that startles even them.

蒙大拿州比尤特的街道下隐藏着一个谜。由于该镇打算重建其形象并进行改造项目,居民和企业报告了可怕的幽灵遭遇。市长 JP Gallagher 和警长 Ed Lester 召集了一支由超自然现象调查员组成的精英团队提供帮助。当调查员 Dave Schrader、技术专家 KD Stafford 和通灵者 Cindy Kaza 抵达比尤特时,他们发现了连他们自己都感到震惊的超自然现象。

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